SSIP Accreditation Application Assistance

Are you struggling to become accredited to CHAS, Constructionline, SafeContractor or SMAS?

Do you need assistance to get on to a health and safety Accreditation Scheme or to become an Approved Supplier?

Whether you are a Principal Contractor, Contractor, Principal Designer or Designer, we have been helping businesses become accredited to health and safety schemes and becoming approved suppliers for many years. It can be quite daunting and off putting trying to answer all the questions, figuring out what the right responses should be and what supporting documentation ought to be submitted.

At Wilson Adrain Safety Management Ltc, we provide our clients with a service on an annual basis which helps to maintain the required standard to achieve success when applying for SSIP scheme.

To satisfy the requirements of the SSIP Scheme,  companies are requested to provide evidence of a competent health & safety professional that represents the company. Wilson Adrain Safety Management Ltd offers an annual or monthly Retainer which meets this requirement and helps assist your company.

Wilson Adrain Safety Management Ltd has assisted over 100 companies in completing their SSIP applications for accreditation and are proud of our 100% success rate to date.

What assistance will I need to get on to a third-party Accreditation Scheme?

In order to be successful, you will need help and assistance from your Health & Safety Competent Person. Large companies will have inhouse Health & Safety Advisors, whereas small to medium-sized companies may need some support from an external Health & Safety provider, such as ourselves.

No matter who is assigned to assist with your application (whether internally or externally), you must ensure that your Health & Safety Competent Person(s) has a sound knowledge of your organisation and construction Health & Safety. The whole process will involve liaising with an Accreditation Scheme Adviser to ensure you meet the standards required. This process can be time-consuming and may also involve the development of new policies, procedures, and Health & Safety arrangements.

We can help you. Contact a member of the team today on 0141 563 0330 or alternatively, send an email to