Behavioural Safety Awareness Scotland

Our Behavioural Safety Awareness Scotland training course is designed to help candidates understand how to reduce errors in the workplace, by conditioning their behaviour and habits whilst at work.

Duration: 4 Hours
Location: Contract Venue - Comfortable Classroom Environment
Delegates: 20 Maximum

Aims of the Course:

This Behavioural Safety Awareness course Scotland is designed to give delegates the basic understanding of the errors that they make due to habits they have formed. This course looks at how to break these habits learned throughout their lifetime, through fun and involvement in this interactive session. The session demonstrates to people that the mistakes they make are natural and seeks to provide easy to understand techniques to combat these human instincts that cause the errors. The course will show the delegates how to make safety personal when intervening with colleagues.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the Mind. Unconscious/Sub-Conscious/Conscious Mind
  • Understand why we make mistakes. (Fear of Loss)
  • How Behaviour shapes us. Belief/Expectation/Attitude/Behaviour
  • How to Make or Break Habits
  • Know what limitations we have and how to combat them safely. 7+/-2 Theory
  • Power of Positive Behaviour
  • Positive Engagement/Intervention

PPE/Equipment Required:

Clean clothes for the classroom environment.

Method of Delivery

PowerPoint Presentation will be delivered in the Classroom. This is an interactive course that will rely on the delegates providing Real Life Experiences to make comparisons with.

The Behavioural Safety Awareness course is suitable for people within a working environment to attend the course.

If you require further information on the course or any other Wilson Adrain Safety Management Training courses, please contact the Health & Safety Department on  0141 563 0330 or email

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